That's it, here we are, two years today!

Two years that this crazy adventure, this great leap into the unknown, into magic, into creation, into the desire to share our dreams has begun. We are proud to see Lucienne Paris grow and see you more and more with your bag or your clutch in the streets of Paris, Nantes, Nice, Toulouse, Lille but also Brussels, London, Madrid, New York, Charleston.

This adventure would never have been possible without you. Your enthusiasm transports us.

Two years ago, we came up with a collection of chic and practical fashion accessories to make women's day-to-day lives easier and to enhance their appearance day after day. We are entering this third year with more ideas and more dreams. New models will soon see the light of day with new leathers, new colors; and our desire to enchant you is even greater! A luxury at your wrist to make you look beautiful. Because, through this line of jewelry-leather goods, Lucienne Paris represents women, and we thought our models for you, free women, bloomed, alive who chose to live their life fully.

So today is also a celebration for us women who love life, fashion, dreams.

Happy birthday Lucienne Paris ❤️

“Freedom is not the absence of commitment, but the ability to choose” Paulo Coelho

I decided to embark on entrepreneurship in September 2015, having spent nearly 10 years in a company, on interesting positions but which, basically, did not fit me. I took advantage of these 10 years to blossom personally. Build a life at 2, then 3 then 4. Realize my dreams of granddaughter: a good job situation, a loving husband and beautiful children. Only, the more years passed, the more I lost myself.

After my second child, I went back to work, in a total blur (I took a year off to take care of my son because I knew that these are rare moments in a woman's life and I wanted to take the time to see him grow during his first year). That first day, I found myself in tears in my office, I was no longer in my place, I was no longer aligned with myself. From that moment, I knew that it was necessary to change, to find myself again and finally do what I liked so that this ball in the belly disappears.

But as a woman and mother, I did not dare to pass this course. I was scared to leave this life which assured me a salary every month and a good situation. Then, my husband suggested that I put my box up, realize my dream and take the reins of my destiny. He understood me before me! So he helped me, accompanied by this crazy project ... we were 2, there would always be one to ensure the financial stability of the family. This was the help between a couple, life to 2, the family...

A year later, I launched my brand of leather goods-jewelry, Lucienne Paris. I was happy to see my dream take shape, to be free to do what I loved most of all. But one change calls for another. My professional life took the turn I wanted, I was finally fulfilled ... but that was not counting my personal life.

At the same moment, my couple started to stop working. My husband was walking away. After months of uncertainty, endless discussions, regretted words, we ended this beautiful story. And there, a gulf opened. What would become of me? How to continue? Being two with two children is always easier. But there, everything could stop, my dreams collapsed. How to be a woman entrepreneur with 2 children, an apartment in Paris and live properly? What future for my children and me?

The belly ball is back, but not for the same reasons. Anxiety has gnawed at me, my relatives have looked at me with the same anguish: how will she do?

I decided to take myself in hand, I started yoga and meditation, I talked a lot with my friends always benevolent and I also spoke freely with my ex-husband. Basically, there was no question that I abandon Lucienne Paris, my 3rd child!

And here I discovered in myself, an unsuspected strength, a desire to succeed and a desire for freedom above all else. Do not give up, do not give up, persevere and above all believe it more than anything. These are my mantras to move forward every day.

That strength that was hitherto hidden from me, we have it all in us. We are lionesses ready to overcome all the obstacles that life opposes us. Every day, each experience makes us stronger. Let's be proud, do not be afraid and walk with your head up. Let's fight to realize our dreams.

The Lulu wallet, made of black ostrich-effect embossed leather with a button closure, is roomy enough to hold both your coins and notes

see the range

Made from ostrich-effect embossed leather, this is the perfect size to hold everything today's modern woman needs: laptop computer, coin purse, tablet, card holder, telephone, keys, notebook... and of course the complete range of Lucette clutch bags!

See the range

Lucienne, our paternal grandmother, was Tailoring Supervisor in the prestigious Paris couture houses.

She is our inspiration, the person who passed on to us this love of beautiful fashion accessories.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"

Audrey Hepburn

One of the pleasures of our work at Lucienne Paris is selecting leathers at our tanners. Through successive tanning processes, the animal pelts are transformed into leather, with its tone, suppleness and unique grain. Characteristics that make up what is known as its "hand". Walking around the tannery, an absolute festival of heady smells and colours, the gentle touch of a leather here or an eye settling on a leather there will reveal its "hand" and lead us to select it... or not!

At Lucienne Paris, in designing our collections we pay just as much attention and spend just as much time and effort on the interior as the exterior. This might not seem the most "expedient", but we have the absurd ambition, as the French writer Colette famously said about Hermès, to make sure that "the bottom is as good as the top, and the inside the outside". Our Lucienne bag is the perfect example of this!

"Drawing is more than a verb, it's an art" - Olivier Saillard Petit lexique des gestes Hermès.

The whole adventure begins with drawing, as ideas take shape while the pencil glides across a blank sheet of paper. Lucienne Paris was created from an idea, from a desire that came to life by drawing what we had in mind. We wanted a handbag and elegant, practical clutch bags that all women could use from morning to night. We had two watchwords: elegant and functional.

The first step was drawing. Then came the selection of materials, prototypes and so on. More to follow...

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting our collections at the next lifestyle show Le Printemps des Docks in Lyon from 7 to 9 April 2017. Come along to see and feel our creations!

Details of this show can be found at:leprintempsdesdocks.com


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